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Grocery Sales Representative Miikka Laine

“I do feel we have a great and encouraging team here at Midsona. We constantly focus on doing things better and look how to thrive on our operations. This attitude is contagious.”

Miikka Laine is Grocery Sales Representative for Midsona Finland. His primary responsibility is the servicing of Kesko Food’s store network and his sales area consist of roughly 150 stores run by individual store keepers. In his spare time, he train and compete at powerlifting (IPF), which is a strength sport that consists of three attempts at maximal weight on three lifts: squat, bench press and deadlift. He says that the sport offers great possibilities to train both the mental and the physical attributes in pursuit of ‘Stronger version of himself. 

He has graduated from the Finnish High School - in the area of Welfare and Health care – and also participated in several sales coaching courses.

Why did you chose to work for Midsona?

I originally was interested in the prospect of working with the growing market of organic products with Urtekram. The personal health and wellbeing in addition to the environmental sustainability are of great value to me and the current Midsona product portfolio offers an excellent possibility to work for and with these interests of mine.

I’ve now been employed in the group for two years; I was employed by Urtekram in 2014 and became part of the Midsona family in late 2015 when Urtekram was acquired by Midsona.

Do you think you’ve had opportunities to grow within the Group?

I recognize that I’ve had great opportunities to grow and evolve in my daily job in many ways. For example, I’ve developed my social and networking abilities and capabilities and I’ve had to constantly use and improve my skill set of analytics and problem solving. Also, Midsona strongly supports us to study while working, which I highly appreciate and, in fact, is something I hopefully can start doing in the near future in order to further enhance my capacities.

What is the most fun about your job?

Most fun aspect of my job is definitely the variety of the working days. As I get to meet and do business with so many different persons and stores on a constantly evolving market of fast-moving consumer goods, I can assure you no two days are alike. I also enjoy the possibility to be creative at work: there is no need to just repeat the same things over and over again, and instead, one can always test many different approaches on so many things.

Also, the inspiring and positive atmosphere of the workplace. I do feel we have a great and encouraging team here at Midsona. We constantly focus on doing things better and look how to thrive on our operations. This attitude is contagious.

Are there no challenges at all?

There are of course challenges. A job without challenges would be very boring to me.  At the moment the biggest individual challenge is probably the current overall economic situation in our country, that affects the entire Midsona market in Finland. Otherwise the challenges vary from day to day.

Finally, the question we ask all our interviewees, do you feel motivated and inspired by the Midsona vision and mission?

I feel extremely motivated by our company’s vision and mission. As I mentioned earlier, the importance of health and well-being for me makes me feel privileged to be part of an international team that provides everyone better means to contribute to a healthier everyday life.